About me


Communication specialist, coach and team manager with experience in technical projects

Since 2007, I collaborate with international firms and institutions.

I lead digital transformation projects and design communication strategies, working with individuals and organizations to empower their potential. Together with my team, I propose and coordinate the implementation of technical solutions for innovation.

I like to work with groups. I am the team leader of technical and creative communication teams and a group coach. I speak four languages (Italian, English, French and Spanish).

Giorgia Li Vigni

Communications, information and technology

I dedicated my career to innovation and communications in 3 areas: institutions, corporate and non-profit at an international level. I had the opportunity to deepen my knowledge of IT project management during my years at the Council of Europe (Directorate of Information and Technologies).

Despite my academic background in European studies, I am interested in digital transformation, with a passion for the IT and tech sector.


Optimizing work organization

My experience as a team manager for complex projects has allowed me to learn coaching-inspired management techniques that stimulate the autonomy and motivation of the group, ensuring optimal management of time, relationships and meetings.


Customized coaching programs

I accompany individuals and organizations in maximizing their potential and leading the change management process through the optimization of internal and external communications.

I conduct workshops and training sessions on soft skills, effective communication and leadership.

I am a speaker for webinars and events dedicated to communication and empowerment and a certified facilitator of the #IamRemarkable initiative by Google.


Building effective communications that empower individuals and groups.

I believe that a place where all people have the same opportunities is a place that works effectively.

I believe that every person and organization have a talent and a purpose.

Conscious communication makes a difference: between people, in groups, and on the market.

What I can do for you

Here is the list of all services that I can provide, personally or with my team

Extensive and expert advice and high-standard digital products.

Specializing in strategies and team management, I can carry out timely interventions in your company or manage projects from A to Z.


    Effective communication Strategy Coaching Team management Leadership Training sessions Online workshops Vision & Mission Business plan Content IT Project Management


    Digital Marketing Websites Copywriting Communication campaigns Graphics Email marketing PR Mobile apps Collaborative platforms Project documentation E-learning

My team

I collaborate with other professionals to implement solutions for your business

My clients

I work for institutions, firms, NGOs, and professionals from any field. My clients are in Europe and the USA.

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