Two types of coaching

Group and Team Coaching ↗

Changes in organizational models that happened in the last 20 years are asking us to transition from rigid corporate structures to a style of management based on “self-organized” relationships.

To do this, we need professionals like coaches and corporate counsellors for their ability to accompany organizations through change

Together we can:

  • define your goals in a specific, measurable, reliable, realistic and timely manner
  • work with your team to develop effective management techniques
  • plan and perform training sessions and group workshops dedicated to soft skills
  • establish strategies to enhance time management and facilitate meetings
  • manage conflict situations (conflict management)
  • coach individual team members for personal empowerment
  • learn new leadership styles

One-on-one coaching sessions ↗

According to the International Coaching Federation (ICF), coaching is a partnership between a professional (coach) and a client (coaches).

One-on-one coaching sessions are a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires individuals to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Together we can:

  • develop a process to empower your existing resources and learn new skills
  • collaborate for the fulfilment of your professional goals
  • acquire new leadership and management techniques

We can also carry out training sessions on effective communication , conflict management , soft skills , negotiation and meeting facilitation techniques.

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A conscious communication

It is impossible not to communicate. Whether through words or verbal or para-verbal language, any interaction between us and the outside world involves communication.

Conscious communication makes a difference: between people, in groups, and on the market.

That means becoming aware of our communication styles and checking whether they are working right for our purpose.

If that is not the case, it is possible to learn tools and techniques for communicating more intentionally and consistently with our vision and mission to ensure the success of our project.

Team communicates effectively

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What I can do for you

Here is the list of all services that I can provide, personally or with my team

Extensive and expert advice and high-standard digital products.

Specializing in strategies and team management, I can carry out timely interventions in your company or manage projects from A to Z.


  • Effective communication
  • Strategy
  • Coaching
  • Team management
  • Leadership
  • Training sessions
  • Online workshops
  • Vision & Mission
  • Business plan
  • Content
  • IT Project Management


  • Digital Marketing
  • Websites
  • Copywriting
  • Communication campaigns
  • Graphics
  • Email marketing
  • PR
  • Mobile apps
  • Collaborative platforms
  • Project documentation
  • E-learning

My team

I collaborate with professionals in the sector to implement solutions for your business

My clients

I work for institutions, firms, NGOs, and professionals from any field. My clients are in Europe and the USA.

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