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The Fourth Industrial Revolution – Industry 4.0

What do we know about Industry 4.0?

Perhaps not enough. Yet, it is the revolution that awaits us all.

We learned at school and at work that the world has experienced 3 industrial revolutions in the last 300 years: the steam engine (the late 1700s), the internal combustion engine (second half of 1800) and computer science (70s of 1900). We have learned that the definition of “revolution” derives from the fact that it was not just a question of radical changes in the production chain, but also of social organization and individual life.

Now we are in the midst of a Fourth Industrial Revolution: Industry 4.0 or total automation, deep interconnection and complete flexibility. New productions, new processes, new relationships.

What are the opportunities that derive from this change? And what benefits are expected for gender equality? How will women position themselves in the 4.0 workforce? What are the prospects for STEM girls? Will we be able (as a country and as a world) to defeat the bias that defines women as not suited to technology?

The Lean In Network Italy (Rome), which I am part of, has chosen to start the new season of events of autumn 2021 with this theme. Tatiana Quercia , Junior Project Manager and Space Engineer of the La Sapienza University of Rome, will talk about it next 30 September 2021 on Zoom, 19-20.30 . The event will be moderated by the President of the Network Laura Dell’Aquila and the network leader Adriana Grasso .

If you wish to participate, get in touch with me or find the Lean In Circle that best suits you.

The event will be held IN ITALIAN.

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